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Fantastic, Sharon M.

I absolutely love the two books. Perfect for beginner tin whistlers, fiddle players, etc. They are never off the table in our house. Very easy to follow. All the most popular sessional tunes. And CDs which announce each tune before it starts. Highly recommend.
Review by Sharon M. on 19 Feb 2018
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Easy to read step by step, Julie McGurk

I just wanted to say that I received the Ceol Tracks music books. I must say they’re excellent and my daughter is enjoying the primary tin whistle book at the minute. I am a primary school teacher myself and I teach Primary One. For me, children learn when activities/tasks are presented in a child-friendly format. Learning should be fun and enjoyable but also encouraging children to be independent learners and thinkers. You definitely have achieved this through the format of the books – how they progress step by step and are easy to read.
I’m glad a P7 pupil in our school recommended these books to me and I can see why Comhaltas has endorsed them. Once again thank you for an excellent resource!

Review by Julie McGurk on 11 Mar 2020

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Limerick tutor pens easy to read music tuition guide


Press release for the launch of Irish Traditional Session Music Book 1 in Dolans Bar, Dock Road Limerick. the Launch was hosted by Niall Keegan, lecturer in the World Music Academy at University of Limerick.

Limerick tutor pens easy to read music tuition guide

Nick Rabbitts 21 Sept 2012

ASKEATON musician Denis O’Toole is to launch a unique music learning book this Monday.

A qualified music tutor and sound engineer, Denis has designed the book – Ceol Tracks: Irish Traditional Session Music – which will be launched on Monday at 9pm in Dolan’s Pub, on the Dock Road.

Working with his wife Carmel, Denis decided to put the book together after seeing the shortcomings of some music tuition books.

“Over the years, I have noticed there are many books which end up making the students more frustrated. I wanted to give them a fighting chance,” he explained.

In order to help young musicians, the book refers to the sheet music with easy lettering, staff and chord notes.

It comes with three CDs, to allow students to learn at a pace which suits them.

It featured over 60 traditional tunes, with finger charts, notes and music for all instruments.

The accompanying CDs feature varying speeds and tempos.

Denis, who is also a qualified second level teacher and music teacher at Comhaltas Garraí Eoin, says he has been amazed at the positive response received since he announced the release of the book.

“I am somewhat overwhelmed by the wave of positive feedback from established and aspiring musicians alike. Carmel and myself are so delighted that we have found this unique way of bringing our love of teaching music to anyone, anywhere in the world, who has access to an instrument.”

Denis said the book – which took around a year to put together – is “the real McCoy”. 

“It has full traditional music in. It is not diddly-aye music. It is the real McCoy. It gives students a fighting chance to learn,” he said.

He has gained the support of the course director of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in UL: Niall Keegan said Ceol Tracks is “what traditional music tuition needs at the moment.”

The book is priced at €30 from bookshops, but will be reduced to 20 at the launch.

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