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Step into the world of enchanting Irish traditional music with our collection of user-friendly books. Designed to empower both beginners and experienced musicians, our carefully crafted resources offer a seamless journey into the heart of Ireland’s rich musical heritage. Whether you’re a passionate learner or a curious explorer, our books provide a gateway to effortlessly learn and play the captivating melodies that have echoed through generations. Immerse yourself in the magic of Irish tradition and embark on a musical adventure like no other.

Irish Traditional Session Music, Book 1


Primary Tin Whistle Complete Tutor


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Rooted in the heart of Irish Traditional music, Ceol Tracks emerges as the beacon for those eager to learn and play.

Our identity revolves around fostering independent learning through approachable resources, encapsulated in our user-friendly books. With a one-of-a-kind methodology proven to accelerate progress, Ceol Tracks is your partner in unravelling the beauty of Irish melodies.

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Benefits and Features

    Navigate effortlessly with our user-friendly music notation layout, simplifying your journey to mastering Irish tunes.
    Our wire-bound design ensures easy placement on any surface, keeping lessons accessible and hands-free for immersive learning.
    Empower multiple instrument learners with comprehensive finger-scale charts, accommodating diverse musical explorations.
  • Harmonious Learning Fusion
    Unveil the richness of Irish music by blending traditional ABC notation with staff notation, enriching your musical understanding.
  • Empower Harmonic Creativity
    Elevate your ensemble skills with chord progression symbols, enabling harmony players to contribute to melodic excellence.
  • Foundations of Mastery
    Embrace the essentials of music theory seamlessly, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive grasp of Irish traditional music.
  • Universal Learning Companion
    Crafted for both learners and educators, our resource adapts to your role, fostering a shared journey of musical exploration.

What Customers are saying

Sarah O’Connell

A Journey into Tradition

“As an Irish Traditional music newcomer, ‘Irish Traditional Session Music, Book 1, Tunes’ proved indispensable. User-friendly design, inclusive notations, and thoughtfully chosen tunes ignited a newfound passion. Thank you, Ceol Tracks, for enriching my musical journey.”

Liam Murphy

Elevating My Repertoire

“Dive into ‘Irish Traditional Session Music, Book 2, Tunes’ for melodic enrichment. Expanding my repertoire effortlessly, this book’s dual notations and finger-scale charts ensure accessibility. Ceol Tracks, you’ve shaped my musical journey profoundly.”

Aidan Walsh

A Whistle of Confidence

“Mastering the tin whistle became effortless with Ceol Tracks’ ‘Primary Tin Whistle Tutor.’ From beginner to confident player, its clear approach, engaging exercises, and enriching tunes formed a solid foundation. Grateful for this invaluable musical companion.”

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