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Here at Ceol Tracks we love to play and teach Irish Traditional music. Through our many years of playing and teaching we have designed a method of learning that is easy and replicates the tradition of aural learning. We have also combined the use of technology which makes accessing tutorials to any and everyone that wants to learn Irish Traditional music, anyplace, anytime. Our courses and tutorials are designed in such a way that it is like having a personal tutor in front of you. The courses and tune tutorials included are modelled on our popular and successful easy method tutor/tune books. So what features you get when you purchase a tune tutorial or course.

Key Features of our Books

If you want to get up and running with Irish Traditional music quickly and easily, then our proven method is for you. We have carefully designed the tutorials in graded steps so you can build a solid foundation from the get-go. With our once-off purchasing, you don’t have to worry about subscriptions, you can access the tutorials at your leisure. Every tutorial will build on the essential learning skills.

Finger Charts for Common Instruments

Learning music is one thing but having to learn the mechanics of your instrument on top of this can be a challenge. To help you with this and to speed up your learning we have included finger placement charts in our tutor tune books. These charts show you were to place your fingers to make a note sound. They also give you basic instruction on how to use your instrument. All popular trad instruments played at session are included, which are: • Tin Whistle/Penny Whistle. • Irish Fiddle/Violin. • 21/23 Two Row B/C Button Accordion. • Irish G/C Concertina. • Irish Tenor Banjo. • Irish Mandolin. • Irish Wooden Flute. • Uilleann Pipes.

Music Theory for Traditional Players

For centuries, learning to play Irish traditional music has been an aural tradition past from master to student. Due to the popularity of people around the world wanting to learn to play trad, a trad teacher isn’t always available and most of the material to self-learn is printed in music script, the dots and lines, so you have to be able to read music. To overcome this obstacle, we have included the bare bones of music theory for trad players. Just enough theory to get you reading music for trad. Some of the of the topics covered are: • Music Scales and Keys. • What is an Octave. • The Staff lines and note position. • Note duration. • Bars and bar endings. • Time signatures.

Easy to Read ABC Note Names

Learning to read music takes time and lots of practice. In the beginning its difficult to remember the note names and its position on the staff at the same time. To speed up the learning process there are note names directly under each note on the staff lines. By concentrating on the note names at first will increase your reading and subconsciously practice of reading music.

Chord Progressions for Accompaniment

An accompaniment instrument always gives a lift to any music and trad is no different. Our books have chord progressions included at the top of each staff. This will benefit trad guitarists, piano players and harpers alike who’d like to join in while you play a tune.

Learn Well Known Session Tunes

There are 64 tunes in each tune book, all well know tunes played in most public sessions or gatherings. The tunes are laid out in an easy to read format. For starters, there is one tune on each page, this will help you concentrate on only learning this tune as it can be difficult to learn with a multiple tune per page system. There is large ABC note names so it is easy to read them and you will not require a magnifying glass. Each staff has only two bars of the tunes, so you can learn the tune in phases. It also helps you practice reading music.

Ear Training with Free Reference Audio

The free audio included with the book will help you learn by ear, keeping the aural tradition of passing the music on to you. The audio is played at a slow to moderate pace on CD. You can play it in a CD player or convert it to MP3 so you can play on a mobile device. Listening to the audio help the tune stick in your head, which will make learning any tune much easier.

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Our Most Recent Reviews

Primary Tin Whistle


I’m quite pleased. The book was shipped very rapidly and I received it in the US within a few days. The book comes with a CD which is helpful to hear the tunes I am learning first. The book is exactly what I was looking for. It is a bargain at 12 euros, I would have expected to pay a bit more for such a nice book.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Books 1 and 2 Pack


I absolutely love the two books. Perfect for beginner tin whistlers, fiddle players, etc. They are never off the table in our house. Very easy to follow. All the most popular sessional tunes. And CDs that announce each tune before it starts. Highly recommend.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Pack of 3 Books


I just wanted to say that I received the Ceol Tracks music books. I must say they’re excellent and my daughter is enjoying the primary tin whistle book at the minute. I am a primary school teacher myself and I teach Primary One. For me, children learn when activities/tasks are presented in a child-friendly format. Learning should be fun and enjoyable but also encouraging children to be independent learners and thinkers. You definitely have achieved this through the format of the books – how they progress step by step and are easy to read. I’m glad a P7 pupil in our school recommended these books to me and I can see why Comhaltas has endorsed them. Once again thank you for an excellent resource!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Try Before you Buy

Before committing to buying one of our tune/tutor books, we have included a free sample tune! it is a very well-known jig called The Kesh jig, made famous by The Bothy Band in the 1970’s.

You will need:

  • To download the zip-files, which included sheet music in PDF and reference MP3 audio.
  • A melody instrument, such as Tin Whistle, accordion, fiddle and so on.
  • You will need to know where the notes are on you instrument.

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Nick Rabbitts of the Limerick Leader

Limerick tutor pens easy to read music tuition guide

ASKEATON musician Denis O’Toole is to launch a unique music learning book this Monday.

A qualified music tutor and sound engineer, Denis has designed the book – Ceol Tracks: Irish Traditional Session Music – which will be launched on Monday at 9pm in Dolan’s Pub, on the Dock Road.

Working with his wife Carmel, Denis decided to put the book together after seeing the shortcomings of some music tuition books.

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